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Welcome to The Ravn's Shade...
This site is where I will introduce you to the natural beauty of Folk Magic. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of, and offering my skills in herbs & roots, potions & brews, rituals & spells, wildcrafting, divination systems, and many other interesting tidbits of folk magic. You may also request my services for your spiritual needs, from rootwork to readings to blessings & curses.
I look forward to working with and for you!

Granny Tackett is the name I've taken in honor of my mother-in-law (her maiden name), whom I've, unfortunately, never met in person. She passed many years ago, but from the stories my husband told me, she is someone I would give anything to know! She was part Cherokee from the hills of East Tennessee, in the Appalachia Mountains. I know she has taught me much over the years, sending me information from the Otherside that I wanted or needed.

What I do is rootwork, I understand that what I do is not the Hoodoo or Conjurer of the Southern United States. What I do is based more in that of the European immigrants who settled deep in the hollers of Appalachia. Rootwork and wortcunning being more correct terms. 

I have spent my life not fitting in with everyone around me, preferring to be alone and in the company of books and animals over people. I have been drawn to the "Granny Woman" since I was very young but had no idea how to get to the state of being able to live as one. Choosing to be a rootworker/cunning woman/Granny Woman was not exactly something any "normal" person would aspire to!

I do not "worship" Gods, I work with the Divine in all Its forms, accessing Their powers to manifest what the needs or wants are of the specific works I am doing, whether for myself or others. If I am doing a work for someone else, I will call upon their Deity, or if I don't know Who that is, then I just call upon the Divine Energy that is in everything. A person's higher spirit knows better than the person does as to what it is that they need and will accept the Divine's help quite easily and without reservation.

The two special dogs in the photos below are Hoodoo (male Boxer) and Gris-Gris (female Pit Bull). They were inseparable in life and literally passed over the Rainbow Bridge at the same time on November 2, 2020. Hoodoo was rarely far from my side, and Gris-Gris' favorite place was on any comfy spot she could find. Miss them terribly still.

hoodoo 9-22-2019.jpg
gris-gris 9-14-2016.jpg
gris-gris goin' bye-bye 6-13-2014.jpg
handsome gris-gris the birthday girl 1-15-2012.jpg
hoodoo & gris-gris.jpg
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