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A Witch's Craft

Volumes I & II

Over 1200+ pages of everything you need to put together a ritual, spell, or working!

Volume I:


for a Witch's Grimoire

Volume II:

A Witch's Book

of Correspondences




Paperback Set

(S&H included)



of the



Without a foundation for your Craft you will not have the success you want.

20 Lessons $100


Seals of Solomon Set

(S&H included)



Digital Products

No Longer Available

Due to copyright theft of my books and chargebacks on received digital products, The Ravn's Shade will no longer offer for sale anything in a digital format.

Yes, the actions of a few have detrimentally affected the many.



Witch's Ball

Horse hair taken while grooming.

Each is made-to-order and OOAK.



Witch's Burr

Each Witch's Burr Amulet is loaded with the appropriate herbs & oils for the intent/purpose. These can be kept in your pocket or purse, on your altar, or just placed in your home in a place of your choosing.


Chicken Foot Amulet

Each is unique and one of a kind in both their feather designs and how the foot dried.

$15 - $75

Baby Doll

Dressed & adorned according to your need.


Black D.U.M.E.


1 oz ~ $25

5 oz ~ $100


1 oz ~ $35

2 oz ~ $60


All herbs & plant materials are grown by me or in my geographical area, so supplies may be limited.

$15 - $25

JuJu Doll

Each JuJu Doll is a custom made OOAK (one-of-a-kind), so no two are alike. Each doll is filled with an herb mixture, fiberfill, and a crystal or stone.


Ritual Powders

Red Brick Dust ~ $12

from 85+ yo church

Dirt Dauber Powder

4 oz ~ $22

Graveyard Dirt

1 oz ~ $5

Voodoo Doll

Each custom made Voodoo Doll is made for the work needed:

love, banish, healing, etc.


Animal Bones

These animal bones were all found on our property or on

wild-walks in our area.

Deer teeth, bones, or antlers; Wasp nest; Snake skin; and more!

$8 - $60

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