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The following items are made by me when the order is placed, and payment received.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee the efficacy of each item purchased as that is completely up to the receiver and their level of belief in the beneficent aspects of their item(s). (But I can say that I and my clients have all had varying degrees of great success!) ;)

*Payments for any products are through the "Buy Now" buttons. Contact me if there is anything you are interested in, whether what you see here or something else you would like me to obtain or make for you. For full description visit the Policies & Refunds section at the bottom of the page.


I am available for scheduled consultations via FaceTime. I will not give out my phone number, as that privilege has been abused. A consultation is not in conjunction with any readings, this is a consult only.



Distance Reiki healing session using a teddy bear as the physical substitute. Each session will be scheduled in advance, so the client will know when the Reiki energies will be sent.

$30 ~ $45

Tarot Reading

1-Card Reading

3-Card Reading

10-Card Reading

25+-Card Life Reading

$5 ~ $100


Energy Therapy Systems

Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Sound Therapy, one or all for a personalized healing session using a teddy bear as the physical substitute. Each session will be scheduled in advance, so the client will know when the Reiki energies will be sent.


Vigil Candle

3-Day or 7-Day Vigil Candle loaded with the herbs & oils appropriate to the work requested.

$50 ~ $75

Spell Jar

Money, Love, Sweetening, Souring, Protection, you name it there's a Spell Jar for it. Herbs and other items are blessed and placed in the jar for its specific purpose.


Bone Throw

Divining your life situation through the use of bones & trinkets thrown onto a consecrated altar cloth.




A Spellwork is a candle anointed in the appropriate oil, lit & placed on the altar, along with the appropriate herbs and stones.

Suggestions for types of Rituals:


Unhexing / Curse & Spell Removal

Love / Romance


Happy Marriage

Relationship Problems

Stalker Stay Away / Harassment

Debt Removal

Income / Employment

Financial Prosperity

Business Success / Attract Customers

Cleansing / Blockages Removed

Sell a Home

Buy a New Home

Success in Legal Matters / Law Stay Away

Get Pregnant / Safe Pregnancy & Birth

Healing / Health


Policies on Services & Sales


Each service is performed specific to the client, we do not guarantee anything beyond that fact that we will perform the service to the best of our ability. As we are working with the Divine and the Ethereal realms, it is the client's responsibility to follow through with any instructions given. The client's belief in the services received is based in the spiritual and cannot be determined tangibly. Thus, we hold no responsibility beyond that which we express we will do, but not the specific outcome.


Divination readings are performed, pictures of the spread are sent, the text is sent via email for the client's own records. What happens after we have fulfilled our end of the transaction is completely the responsibility of the client.


Reiki sessions are performed at the designated times in the appropriate manner. How and when, or even if, the client will respond is of a spiritual matter and cannot be determined tangibly by us specifically. Feedback is appreciated but not necessary. It is the client's responsibility to be receptive to the energies sent, but we have no control over how the client may choose to do this.


Items made or spells performed specific to a client's request are exercised to our best ability. Their manifestation of intent is entirely the responsibility of the client and how they choose to believe in its efficacy. We have no control over the beliefs of others.


So basically, The Ravn's Shade promises to provide the services we offer to the best of our ability and the client must believe in those services and the strength of themselves to bring about the desired manifestation.


Due to the statements above, and the fact that all items/services are custom designed upon order, we do not offer a refund. However, we will listen and take into consideration, on a case-by-case basis, anyone who does request one. But we will not guarantee that we will give it, due specifically to the fact that these items/services are faith based. I hope y'all can understand this reasoning.



As all made-to-order items are made specific to the client, so no items will be given refunds. A "credit" toward another product may be acceptable, upon the return of the original item(s) in full & complete as-received condition.


Rituals & Spell Works are Spiritual services, thus there is no guarantee as to how or if they will manifest. I do my best for my clients, but ultimately, it is up to Spirit how the works will manifest, and the attitude of the client (bad/negative attitudes will severely hinder any works being done for the client). There are no refunds on Rituals or Spell Works.


Readings are spiritual in nature and there is no way to guarantee what it will say, how the client will accept it, or if it will manifest as shown. Thus, readings are non-refundable.


Candle Vigils are done with pictures taken as proof of their on-going work. These are Spiritually guided, thus there is no guarantee of their manifestation. "Healing" is spiritual and may not be visible. It is sent as requested and received as the client's Spirit allows. There are no refunds on Candle Vigils.


Reiki/Energy Healing services are distant healing sessions or distant Reiki Attunements. No refunds are permissible for these services. 


Workshop deposits are refundable, up to a certain point prior to the Workshop. See the Workshop page for full details.


Any client that does a "charge back" on their credit/debit card for their Services will be banned from any further assistance, and other avenues will be taken to return the "favor" in kind. You mess with my livelihood I will mess with you.


So please let's be adults, you request a service or goods, and I will provide them with the full ability of my skills. If, after a minimum of three months things are not manifesting as hoped, then we will discuss another course of action.


Thank you!

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