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Lesson 1: Introduction, 1st, & 2nd Prayers

Black Pullet Seals Part 1
These are some of the most powerful seals to use in ritual works. I use them all the time, along with bindrunes and Goetic sigils. They can be used alone with a candle or burned with herbs or carried around for protection or to bring money & abundance. You name it, there's a manner in which to use the seals for that purpose.

There are specific instructions regarding their use; colors, words, etc. In reference to the colors, the seals used are to be embroidered on a specific color & type of cloth with a specific color of thread. Now, most people can't embroider themselves and the cost of having it embroidered is more than most can afford. So, my suggestion, and what has worked just fine for me for years, is to print it out on paper in the color recommended. If you don't have a color printer, then print it out in black and trace with the correct colored marker or colored pencil or Crayon. It's the intent more than the actuality of it that really matters. 

Now, that's not to say that going to extra mile of having it embroidered wouldn't be extraordinarily beneficial, and the energies placed in them very high due to the amount of time and effort necessary to bring the piece to the altar, but very few people can afford to have the seals embroidered every time they do a ritual. They cannot be re-used, they must be "new" seals each time.

The first 2 seals, the Magic Rod and the Goetic Circle, must be used with the chosen seal(s) for each work. These provide the foundation and strength for the intent of the work, which is empowered by the seal of intent (i.e. money, success, binding, etc.) These are also very beneficial to carry around with you at all times. (My own thoughts on this are that these would make awesome tattoos!)

There are also prayers to be recited before and after the ritual that open & close the doorway for the spirits of the seals to come through and do their work for the summoner.

The Black Pullet Seals

These seals are from The Black Pullet, or the Hen with the Golden Eggs.  They’re use is said to encompass the Science of Magickal Talismans, the Art of Necromancy and the Kabbalah; to make known all hidden treasures; to give knowledge of Magick; to expose and repel negative energies and hexes; and to allow the conjurer to acquire the power to command all beings (Spirit beings of all kinds, and Elementals: Gnomes, Sylphs, Salamander, Undines).  The following prayers are written verbatim from The Black Pullet, except that I changed “God” to “the Divine”.  The text for the seals have been altered for easier understanding. 


To use in ritual, enclose your ritual circle with ritual salt for protection and place a copy of the Seal inside a triangle inside a circle. Surround this circle with ritual salt to keep the spirit called within the confines of the Seal until you release them at the end of the ritual. These are powerful spirits, so DO NOT take this lightly, always thank them for their assistance and appearance in the ritual. Next, light your candle(s), and say the First Prayer; call the Spirit of the Seal using the words given; tell the Spirit what you require to have done, you must be the one in control, be respectful and do not have doubts or fears; thank the Spirit for their appearance and their assistance; recite the Second Prayer; dismiss the Spirit - respectfully; close the circle encompassing the Seal; close your circle; remove all traces from the ritual (Seal copy, candle wax, salt, etc.) to a place away from your home, bury it, walk away and let the Divine and the Spirit of the Seal do their work, it is now out of your hands. Make sure you worded your request carefully and properly because you will get what you wish for!

First Prayer to be recited before the ritual:

The Celestial Fire above is an incorruptible flame, always scintillating, the source of life, fountain of all the Beings, and principle of all things.  This flame produces all and nothing perishes except which it consumes: it makes itself known by itself.  This fire cannot be contained in any place; it is without body or matter.  It encompasses the skies, and from it emanates a little spark which makes all fire of the Sun, of the Moon, and the Stars.  This is what I know of the Divine: do not try to know more because that is beyond you, such judge as thou art.  Moreover, know that the unjust or wicked man cannot hide himself in front of the Divine; no address or excuse can disguise anything from the Divine’s view.  All is clear to the Divine: the Divine is everywhere.


Second Prayer to be recited after the ritual:

There is in the Divine an immense profundity of flame; the heart ought not however, to fear to touch or to be touched by this adorable fire; it will not be consumed by this sweet fire, whose tranquil and perishable heat makes the union, harmony and duration of the world.  Nothing exists except by this fire which is the Divine.  No on has engendered it; it is without mother, it knows all, and no one is able to know anything of it.  It is immovable in its projects and its name is ineffable.  Here then is that which is the Divine; because for us who are the messengers, we are but a small part of the Divine.

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