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Lesson 1: Introduction to Magickal Potion Making

*** Absolutely DO NOT ingest anything listed here in this course unless you know for a fact that they are safe for ingestion. Do your own research, have discussions with professional herbalists, consult with any doctor, pharmacist, or alternative physician, etc. if you don’t know about any, or all, in particular.


For the cover-my-butt legal disclaimer; I, and anyone associated with this site, are in no way, shape or form, responsible for how YOU use these herbs (in fresh or dried plant or oil form), plants, and trees, etc. for yourself or anyone you may deal with personally or professionally. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure of a plant’s safety. For all practical purposes, the herbs, plants, trees, and the potions made there from, etc. that are listed here are specifically and only to be used for magical practices, such as, but not limited to, spellwork correspondences, incenses, infused oils, and candle dressings.***




Are Magical Potions Important?

As with anything, that’s a matter of opinion. But if you consider that potions can be used for anything magical or mundane and a spell of intent cast with either, then why not use them?


If you consider that for your magical works you use herbs and oils, etc., why not make potions to keep on hand (depending on the shelf-life, of course) to empower and charge your candles, tools, etc.?


As for the more mundane things in life, such as sweeping or mopping the floors, why not have a potion (a lightweight water-based infused oil in a spray bottle would work here) that is spritzed on the tool (mop, broom, etc.) before using it. A “happy” potion could make the chore less drudging or help to spread good energies around the house as you clean the floors.


Another magically infused mundane task, such as mopping or dusting is to make a potion (lightweight water based) that is used to clean the floors and surfaces. This potion could be a “stability” potion for “holding down the fort”, and keeping things “settled”, or “hands off” (good for kids who like to touch everything they can see and reach - or climb for!)


The ideas and uses are endless. All you have to do is think about what is needed in your own personal situation and go for it!


What Uses are There for Magical Potions?

Wow! What can’t you use them for!? If you can think of it, you can make an appropriate potion for it. Oddly enough we use “potions” every day. The dish soap is a potion. The laundry detergent is a potion. The hand soap is a potion. The spray cleaner is a potion. Didn’t really think of it that way, did you?!


Well, they are. And to make them magical all you have to do is either add a drop or two of magical potion into them or you can just say a charm or spell over them with the intent of what you want to add: “happiness”, “peace”, “health”, “prosperity”, etc..


Candle Dressing

Potions for candle dressing are a given. We all do that, in some way or another, coating the candle by dipping or spreading the oil potion on with a finger, etc. This empowers the candle with the intent of our magical working, adding energies to bring about the manifestation of our will & need (or “want"!).


Ritual Ambiance

Potions can also be used to add ambiance to a room, house, magical working. Rose scented potions are relaxing and bring a sense of peace. Vanilla is soothing and calming after a hard day. Citrus scented potions can bring energy and rejuvenation.


Basically, this is aromatherapy at its best! With the extra “oomph” of magick!


Ritual Baths

Aaaah! These are wonderful! And they don’t have to be magical in purpose, but a magically infused potion added to any bath can do wonders!


Baths can be very relaxing for sore muscles, relieve sunburn, relax the mind & body after a stressful day. By adding potions for your needs you can spend a wonderful time in the tub bringing healing to yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually.


“Mundane” Magical Potions & Their Uses

Here are a few ideas for you to help you get started. I’ll “go around the house” to make it easier:



Fridge -

Inside: potion of “preservation”, “health”, “long life”

Outside: potion of “continual operation without flaw”


Stove top: potion of “health”, “keep the home fires burning”


Oven: potion of “keep the home fires burning”


Sink: potion of “health”, “wash away negative energy, disease, etc.”


Counter tops: potion of “stability”, “uncluttered thinking”, “never hungry”


Cabinets: potion of “keep necessary things hidden”, “truth to be revealed”


Pantry: potion of “never hungry”, “fully stocked”


Broom closet: potion of “keep necessary things hidden”, “truth to be revealed”


Hallway: potion of “smooth long walk of life”, “clear/open passages”, “road to family”


Bedroom: potion of “love”, “romance”, “tenderness”, “quiet”, “peace”, “harmony”, “privacy”, “respect”


Bed: potion of “rest”, “peace”, “rejuvenation”


Bathroom: potion of “health”, “flush away all negative”, “cleansing”, “purifying”


House Entry Doors: potion of “welcome positive” (inner doorsill & door), “halt/repel negative” (outer doorsill & door)


Windows: potion of “privacy”, “truth revealed”, “joy & sunshine”


Porches & Steps: potion of “welcome positive”, “halt/repel negative”


Car: potion of “safety”, “destinations achieved”, “accomplishment of goals”


Computer: potion of “inflow of necessary information”, “repel viruses”


Lamps: potion of “light up my life”, “secrets/hidden things revealed”



The items mentioned above can be magical as well as mundane - you’re just imbuing your everyday mundane items and activities with a little magick to make them “better”, and, as you can see, the possibilities are endless. If you see a 'need', fill it!

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