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Lesson 2: Seals 1 ~ 8

Seal No. 1



Magick Rod - This serpent and wand should be worn on your body for magickal assistance, good health, and protection from Black Magick. To empower it say, “Soutram, Ubarsinens”.

(White satin embroidered in gold)


Seal No. 2



Goetic Circle - You can allegedly gain all your desires by wearing this seal on your person and to achieve your desires say, “Saram”.

(Red satin embroidered in silver)


Seal No. 3



Power - The seal is held in the right hand while you say, “Siras, Etar, Besanar”, whenever you desire multitudes of spirits to appear to answer your requests.

(Sky-blue satin embroidered in silver)


Seal No. 4



Love - Hold this seal pressed against the lips before going out and you may win the love and compliance of the opposite sex. To call the angel to you quietly say, “o, Nades, Suradis, Manier” then to the angel when he appears say, “Sader, Prostas, Solaster”.

(Black satin embroidered in silver)


Seal No. 5



Wealth - Hold the seal between the palms of both hands and say, “Onaim, Perantes, Rosanastos” and messengers will soon appear at your feet bearing goods or gold.

(Green satin embroidered in gold)


Seal No. 6













Secrets Revealed - This seal should be placed close to the ear then you say, “Nitrae, Radou, Sunandam” and a distinct voice will reveal the desired knowledge which you wish to know.

(Violet satin embroidered in silver)


Seal No. 7


























Truth & Justice - By holding the seal against the right ear with the left hand and saying, “Noctar, Raiban” the most secretive person will reveal their most private thoughts, and if you say, “Noctar, Raiban Biranther” an enemy will be forced to declare their intentions aloud.

(Golden-yellow satin embroidered in gold) 


Seal No. 8




























Goals - Holding of the seal pressed against the heart say, “Zorami, Zaitux, Elastot” and it will set to work the Spirits who will immediately accomplish the work which you may desire to undertake, and for the cessation of any unfavorable plots against you.

(Lilac satin embroidered in lilac)

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