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Lesson 4: Spell Writing

Necessary Tools of a Spell Writer

What is really necessary when writing spells? Most importantly, the intent. A well-thought-out intent, not just a quick “this is what I want”. Whether a spell is for a ritual or for a potion, the intent must be thought through completely.


Consider when asking for money to come to you “from any source”. Did you also consider that maybe you have family somewhere that has money that would be left to you if they passed on? Ask for the money in this manner and you may just get what you want - - at a much greater loss. Don’t think it won’t or can’t happen. It can. Trust me. I know from personal experience. So, to say I’m very cautious in my spell writing and wording now, would be a major understatement. Maybe it was their time anyway…? Maybe it wasn’t. She’d been extremely ill for years, most of her 62 years. But did I add that one bit of energy that “pushed” it all over the edge? I don’t know for sure, but it was certainly VERY upsetting to get that phone call 8 hours after my spell to find out that she’d passed at about the same time I was doing that spell. Coincidence? There are no “coincidences” where magick is concerned.


So, besides clear thinking and a very specific intent what else do you need? Paper and pen, of course - duh! How about a Dictionary and a Thesaurus? I hope y’all have those at hand also. They are very important (and not just for spell writing). The dictionary can help you define that particular word that will be the key to your entire intent. The thesaurus can give you other words with the same or similar meanings that may sound or be more appropriate. Both will improve your spells immensely.


And the most fun thing to have is a Rhyming Dictionary! If you’re stuck on how to make that one-word rhyme and work in the spell syllabically, then the Rhyming Dictionary is your key for that. You’ll also find words you never even considered!


If you don’t have one or all of these on-hand in your home - GET THEM! But in the meantime, you can also use the internet, there are some online that are passable.


Simple or Elaborate, which is better?

Do you want to get very elaborate with your spell writing or do you want short and sweet? Well, honestly it all depends on what your intent is and how much energy you want to put into it. Granted, sometimes in an ‘emergency’ you have to whip one up willy-nilly and as fast as possible. The energies are high right then and you need to do it “NOW”. That’s fine and those can be some very powerful spells.


By having some of those words in your head and regular vocabulary that are in the dictionary, thesaurus and rhyming dictionary, you’ll be able to just reel off a spell in a heartbeat.


For the spells that can be done at a slower pace, then taking the time to work up more than a line or two is usually the better choice here.


Potion making would usually fall into the latter category. The reason being that you’re having to take the time to gather all of the materials, and while doing so you’re thinking about the end-result the entire time.


So, depending on the situation is what will determine the ease or extent of your written spell. And DO write them out! Its great to go back to reference how it worked, or where you think it should be “tweaked” to make it better. The spell becomes a part of your Magical Potion Recipe Journal, as well as a part of your Book of Shadows Spells.


Stanza Formation

Do you know what a stanza is? Many people don’t. A stanza is, by definition “a unit, a grouping of lines, with a larger poem that is set off by a space, which usually has a set pattern of meter and rhyme”. (“Meter” refers to a poem’s basic rhythmic structure or verse). Stanzas can be identified and grouped together because they share a rhyme scheme or a fixed number of lines.


Rhyming is like drumming. Drumming puts the mind into another brainwave pattern and the body becomes more fluid and free-flowing. Rhyming, by the same token, gets the mind into a rhythm and makes the mental energies flow more freely. The human mind can remember rhythms more easily than just lines of words. By making your spells rhythmic and rhyming it is much easier to build energy towards your intent. By the time you reach the climax of your spell, the energies then released are greatly enhanced.


So have fun writing your spells for ALL your magical works - including your potions!

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